Fun working for good causes

Fun2Care is an initiative by Wagemaker. This initiative has the objective to have fun but also to support the community or good causes. A contribution by the employee will lead to a contribution by the employer. Combining these lead to surprising initiatives and generate the necessary financial needs to do some great things.

In the first year of its existence, we went on a bike ride to raise money for Society for the Preservation of Nature in the Netherlands [Natuurmonumenten], we created a hedge for a beekeeper, went on a sponsored night-time walk for asylum seekers [Nacht van de Vluchteling], we planted flowers for residents of the Cello organisation that cares for people with disabilities and participated in the ‘Spieren voor Spieren’ swimming event for people with a muscular disease. In this way each and every colleague had the opportunity to highlight his or her own favourite charity. Together we are committing ourselves to worthwhile goals. All the activities can be found on our Linkedin company page. We would like to invite you to follow Wagemaker and Fun2Care on that page.

Fun2Care has the Public Benefit Organisation [Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling] (ANBI) status (i.e. status as a charity). Consequently anyone’s donation is tax deductible. To be able to sustain this status, there is below the formal articles related to the ANBI requirements.

ANBI status
The Fun2Care foundation Was formed because of the need for physical and/or monetary support for (regional) initiatives and projects with a social purpose, as well as organisations with the ANBI status.

Objective & activities
Stichting Fun2Care believes that working together to support a good cause, no matter what, has added value for both the participants and society.
With this in mind the foundation carries out the following activities:

  • Physical: The independent organisation of events or activities for a good cause, offering a helping hand with various tasks, carrying out repairs and small-scale projects.
  • Monetary support: A financial contribution/sponsoring for organisations/people who carry out projects with a social purpose.

Stichting Fun2Care aims to carry out all its activities using volunteers. The financial donations are only paid from donations made by third parties that aspire to the same goals as the foundation. Where necessary, a maximum of 5% of the donations is used to cover the costs of the foundation itself.

2018-2019 policy plan
The policy for 2018-2019 is set to achieve the following objectives:

    • Actively identifying initiatives which can be sponsored (financially/physically) with a social purpose which fits in with our objective.
    • Encouraging volunteers to take part in activities.
    • Acquiring financial contributions from third parties.
    • Enhancing our reputation in the region.

Prevention & complaints
The foundation does not tolerate any fraud. Any complaints can be submitted to the board.

Every year the board of the foundation will publish an annual report on the past calendar year containing details of the activities and the financial account.

Remuneration policy
The board does not receive any remuneration for work carried out. The foundation does not have any employees.

Tax number
The tax number allocated by the Tax and Customs Administration is 858172550

December 2017,

Board of Stichting Fun2Care
Jan Willem Alberts (secretary)
Twanny van Boxtel (member)
Robert Molenschot (treasurer)
Els Mommersteeg (member)
Erik Wagemaker (chair)