Why Wagemaker?

Our mission

There are not many fields of work in which the end product still has a place in our society after 80 or even 100 years. Our projects are visible, tangible and lasting features of the landscape.

And that is great because they mean something.
Wagemaker is a specialised technical engineering and consultancy firm for sustainable infrastructure. We define ourselves in the market due to our core values: Practical!, Innovative and Quality.

Sustainable infrastructure

Every day we devote ourselves to realising sustainable infrastructure and make choices which are not only relevant for today, but also for the future. Our aim is to retain what is good and valuable and only build new structures when necessary.


We create the connection between theory and practice in a feasible, viable and practical way!


IT pushes us onwards and upwards. Each and every day there are countless ways how to become faster and smarter. We create and capitalize continuously new opportunities and that gives us both energy and pleasure.


We take our responsibilities very seriously when executing projects for our clients. We supply quality, by anyone’s definition.
We are pleased to help:

Proces and contract management
O. (Olaf) Dirkx

Structural engineering
H.W.R.M. (Helen) Meulendijks

Procurement and contracting
J.W. (Jan-Willem) Alberts

Virtual Design
D.H.M. (Dennis) Gubbels

M. (Monique) van Delft

E.J. (Erik) Wagemaker
O. (Olaf) Dirkx

Can be contacted via +31 (0)73 521 64 00 or e-mail