When preparing a project, coordinating the architectural design with the engineering firm is an essential but often time-consuming process. Wagemaker’s architect can create a single, integral design which contains the schedule, costs, implementation details and design.

Having our architect involved as early as the exploratory phase of a project can generate a great deal of clarity. The architect’s notes and drawings will provide a visual exploration of ideas, allow the unhindered addition of variants and enable the involvement of internal principals or stakeholders in the essential issues. The insights acquired will be used to fine-tune the Schedule of Requirements or lay the basis for a visual quality plan or they will be developed in more detail in a variant or feasibility study.

From line to sketch to realization, the involvement of Wagemaker’s architect will give a plan its own distinctive look. The ‘visual image’ will also provide you with clear and honest means of communication for the project, process and all stakeholders.

In the pre-design phase, the visual quality plan or design will form the basis for the positive advice by the Planning Commission [Commissie Ruimtelijke Kwaliteit] which is necessary for implementation to start. Our architect is also closely involved in the realization phase where material-specific choices, technical detailing and practice come together in order to provide an aesthetic guarantee for the ultimate result.

Wagemaker stands for projects that fit in with their surroundings and that will fulfill a particular role for the coming 80-100 years. In other words, they have to be functional, safe and easy to maintain, but also visible and recognisable based on an architectural contribution which links up with our core values which are, Practical!, Innovative and Quality.

Els Mommersteeg


Els Mommersteeg