Asset management

Engineering structures constitute an important element of public space. They not only make a contribution as an interface or intersection of a infrastructure network, but also frequently have exceptional aesthetic and cultural-historical value. Society is changing at lightning speed and this leads to changes in the requirements of the organisation of public spaces in both a large and small scale situations. Such a development requires continuous planning and adjustment of infrastructure networks and of the use and necessity of these engineering structures within these networks. The job of policymakers and managers is to find the balance between ambition, performance and budget. Wagemaker uses a gauge scale to work structurally towards a solution.

Wagemaker supports and advises when managing the value of your assets throughout the entire life cycle. Using risk-based and chance-based inspections and research, we systematically gauge the performance of existing engineering structures, such as functionality, sustainability, availability, reliability and structural safety.
Our specific expertise makes us stand out in terms of re-evaluating and reusing what already exists. Although reusing existing engineering structures is generally underestimated, it does offer pragmatic, sustainable and valuable solutions. We like to get the maximum out of a particular situation!

The advice we give makes it easy for you to establish and structure a new balance between ambition, performance and budget. ‘PRIoritisation Model Asset Management (PRIMA)’ leads to structured appreciation for, and a clear record of, your engineering creation and the surrounding area. Cost awareness and expertise in terms of building, maintaining and demolishing guarantee economic solutions and reliable (life cycle) cost calculations and analyses.

In order to be able to make responsible decisions we present variant studies in clear and understandable language. A thorough assessment of value and our expertise as regards maintenance give us the capacity to draw up your strategic management plan and the related supervision and maintenance plans.
Wagemaker asset management provides insight and advice at both a structure and area level and links up seamlessly with CUR117, NEN 2767 and ISO 55000/55001.

If you want a target-oriented approach, use the gauge scale!

Jan-Willem Alberts


Jan-Willem Alberts

Manager Procurement and Contracting