BIM Consultancy

'Our approach is practial.'

BIM can be tailor-made to any project. Our Virtual Design specialist group developed five levels of detailing for BIM. From 2D (which you might be surprised to hear is also possible for BIM) to ‘Big BIM’. The main thing is to ensure that the chosen level fits in with the scope, the complexity and the requirements of the project. Choose the practical approach and your project will also benefit from perfect detailing.
Wagemaker is able to advise and support you with BIM-related (change) processes. A high level of knowledge of the technology and structural background is our basis and this, supplemented with experience and knowledge in the field of modern BIM-related software and processes, makes us a worthy advisor, whether during a brainstorming session about software choices or in terms of supervising the entire process during BIM events.

Another form of cooperation is, without doubt, the foundation for a BIM-based process. Trust, transparency and long-term relationships are the keywords. We are keen to support you in your development during every phase and at any point in time!

Dennis Gubbels


Dennis Gubbels

Manager Virtual Design