We believe that, from a social perspective, building a structure without a contractual framework is unthinkable and irresponsible for an official body. Both the outsourcer and the contractor will want to build, renovate or restore a new structure within acceptable risks and in a demonstrable and verifiable way while keeping to the intended budget. The risk spread and design freedom are determined by the type of contract.
Whereas until the end of the previous century, the RAW Standard Conditions (specification system for civil and hydraulic engineering works) for contracts was used in civil engineering, since then the freedom and responsibility for the market has increased, partly as a consequence of the fraudulent practices in the construction industry and, with that, the possible contract types.

Wagemaker has the necessary experience and knowledge of legislation and regulations to help you select the right type of contract. These could be based on the RAW Standard Conditions, which many end-users still trust, and with a given construction solution, or the modern type of integrated contracts, performance contracts and hybrid contracts to which contractor can fully or partially contribute their knowledge on the issue.

We are experts in the D&C (Design & Construct), DB(F)M (Design, Build(, Finance) and Maintain) and BVP (Best Value Procurement) types of integrated contracts. Wagemaker can advise realistically (practically) regarding the type of contract which is most suitable for your project. When doing so, we take account, on the one hand, of your preferences in terms of organisational use and building management and, on the other hand, we look at the possibilities for making optimal use of the market (quality).

Based on our vision of sustainability and our experience with unique awarding criteria, we can support you in terms of a usable most economically advantageous tender (MEAT) system (innovative). With a view to actually facilitating the approach to a project, from new build to the restoration of a listed building, Wagemaker can also deal with the planning application and supervise the process of acquiring a subsidy.

Jan-Willem Alberts


Jan-Willem Alberts

Manager Procurement and Contracting