Digital reinforcement

Valuable raw materials, which is why you have to get it first time right !

Advies- en ingenieursbureau Wagemaker has plenty of experience with 3D modelling and presenting reinforcement options, from simple shapes with a high degree of repetition to extremely complex and unique reinforcement details. Every aspect of digital reinforcement in a concrete structure generates a benefit. Digital construction and verification reduces failure costs and turns ‘first time right’ into reality.
The use of various modern BIM-related software packages enables us to achieve digital reinforcement at any desired level. We use Allplan, Tekla structures and Revit specifically for the digital reinforcement process. As early as during the DD phase, a 3D model is created of the entire structure, after which the shape is exported to the desired package for the digital reinforcement exchange process. After all, a drawing or a bending schedule is only one way of visualising the digital reinforcement model. Exchange formats like BVBS, Unitechnik, PXML and IFC facilitate a direct exchange with the rebar supplier, bending machines and the manufacturer or site.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are leaders in this development. Our role as a full partner and advisor in the engineering process means we can complete the digital reinforcement process TOGETHER!

Dennis Gubbels


Dennis Gubbels

Manager Virtual Design