Fully parametric prefab range

'Tested and approved in concrete'

Advies- en ingenieursbureau Wagemaker parameterises standard concepts which can lead to complete (engineering) structures. Parameterisation is a way of designing which means that the user can determine parameters like the length, width and height, after which an automated script produces the structural calculation, drawings and list of materials. We develop new possibilities in the field of Virtual Design each and every day using our unique combined knowledge of concrete, steel, execution methods, software and programming.

Wagemaker has made parametric models for prefab bridge girders, foundation beams, pile foundations, manhole chambers and slabs, including reinforcement.

‘The parameterisation process generated a standardised OQ bridge girder while retaining its flexible applications. We also managed to substantially reduce the turnaround time and failure costs.’ Ronald Bongers

Parameterisation makes it possible to complete design and production processes extremely quickly. We start the project by using all the available detailed knowledge of installation so that the realization process can be controlled as directly as possible from the automatically generated model. Wagemaker’s added value is not just in its technical expertise but also in the social aspect of the change process. In order to include all relevant information in the models, input and support from the entire organisation is essential.

The important thing is not to model any more than necessary and, above all, to allow the computer to do the ‘Donkey Work’. Eventually the user will have control with the parameters which literally make the difference. A fully digital parametric model is used directly in the production process and is linked, of course, to the machines that are used. Also the connection between ERP and work preparation is possible. Although it is ‘little BIM’ at the moment, Wagemaker and its clients expect that engineers and even customers will quickly be able to use the parametric models themselves in order to make engineering structures as long, broad and high as they see it.

‘The IJB group is extremely happy with the components developed by Wagemaker which are used to produce parametric prefab foundation beams in Building Information Models (BIM). The smooth cooperation, the available knowledge of concrete construction and its software experience is enabling the IJB group to make a huge leap forwards. The IJB group is extremely pleased that it can use Wagemaker services in this way.’ Douwe Boonstra


General description of assignment: Wagemaker analysed production processes for, among others, Betonson, FP Mc Cann and IJB groep and parameterised entire ranges of products. 

Dennis Gubbels


Dennis Gubbels

Manager Virtual Design