Inspections and research

Besides ambition and budget, performance is an important foundation for asset management and that is precisely the focus during inspections of and research into engineering structures. We concentrate not only on the risks but also on ambition and opportunities. A correct appreciation of performance and the optimal use of existing engineering structures go hand-in-hand.

Wagemaker carries out inspections on the basis of various goals. This may take place on the basis of the plan, a maintenance cycle, incidents of damage, permission for special use, feasibility and suitability for changes or exceptional circumstances which have occurred such as collisions, overloading, leaching or fire.
Although an inspection is always a snapshot, connecting the snapshot to previous inspections enables us to express expectations for the future. Where possible, we consult archives to get an impression of past circumstances, structure and performance.

Wagemaker fine-tunes to prevent a large number of inspections and investigations being started from that initial moment. A cyclical process is completed in terms of target, inspection and analysis. Besides structural and conditional inspections, we also carry out 3D scans and measurements of existing situations and process these in models, which can be used for the structural analysis or for the additional design phases. If the results from these analyses is that damage and/or deformations must be systematically monitored, we arrange monitoring by means of (baseline) measurements, observations and repeat inspections. Inspections are carried out in accordance with CUR recommendation 117:2015 and NEN 2767.

In a clear report, you will be able to find the facts and conclusions about condition, remaining lifetime, structural safety and risks and perspective.


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Jan-Willem Alberts


Jan-Willem Alberts

Manager Procurement and Contracting