Structural safety

Engineering structures can be of all ages and are susceptible to deterioration. Over the years, the loads they have been subjected to have increased, their strengths have decreased due to degradation mechanisms and the legal framework governing their structure will have been amended numerous times. Specialist care is needed to assess structural safety and to maintain the structure for the future. Structural safety is part of our ‘Asset management approach’.

We assess structural safety in 2 phases, namely the ‘in-depth’ diagnosis and the ‘retrieval’ of solutions.

The diagnosis is made in an exploratory discussion in which we help you determine the scope of the work and discuss the opportunities and possibilities for optimal use in relation to the object’s function. At that point, we also agree on the depth of the investigation research in relation to the residual risk profile.

After that, we use the available information to determine whether additional inspections, research and calculations are necessary and then organise these in a relevant and efficient way and fine-tune on the basis of a risk-driven and transparent approach.
Thorough analyses and observing the statutory framework, supplemented with our knowledge and considerable experience, together form a suitable solution. Using the remaining lifetime is a characteristic of our approach.


The end result consists of a summary report in clear and understandable language which provides an insight into the remaining lifetime/capacity (current performance) of the structure. We also indicate which manageable measures and affordable solutions (variants) can be used to maintain structural safety at the right level, now and in the future.

Jan-Willem Alberts


Jan-Willem Alberts

Manager Procurement and Contracting