Variant studies

Do you also need to make a sensible decision which is under written on the basis of ambition, performance and budget? That is the task facing management organisations because it is often difficult to make such things clear. Directors focus on the social function and managers on the network and the engineering structures it contains. Both need options in the knowledge that not every variant performs optimally on every aspect. Our country is organised, engineering structures have been built and networks are being used. Wagemaker analyses, produces creative variants and supports you effectively when making decisions.

Technical possibilities

Wagemaker has plenty of experience with assessing and ‘observing’ existing engineering structures and in finding ways to retain them in changing situations or situations which are going to change in the future. In addition to this, Wagemaker has extensive implementation-related knowledge. After all, work on existing engineering structures can have a major influence on the surroundings and vice versa. Our pragmatic know-how increases the chances of finding technical solutions and limits the (implementation-related) risks. Variants not only have to sound good, but must, above all, be feasible. A good insight into the feasibility prevents disappointments whenever you ultimately approach the market.

The extent to which inspections and maintenance can be carried out is something that is not only taken into account in the context of changes, but also when advising on restoring and preserving existing structures. Here too, various solutions are often possible which each have their own price tag and expiry date which we substantiate using LCC (life cycle cost) analyses.

Study or second opinion

Sometimes directors or managers expect more variety from the market than advised, or want more security regarding the question of whether third-party advice is correct and/or complete. From that perspective, Wagemaker has completed a number of different processes in recent years with outsourcers in order to acquire more security and to ‘get the maximum out of a particular situation’. Keywords are opportunity analysis, feasibility study, second opinion…

Evaluate, weigh up and decide

Asset managementThere may be numerous technical possibilities which will always be valued differently on certain aspects. On top of this, different stakeholders have different interests. In order to weigh up all variants properly, we have developed ‘PRIMA’, a model which you can use to reach a clear and traceable decision.

Jan-Willem Alberts


Jan-Willem Alberts

Manager Procurement and Contracting